F. Petrovic Co, Inc. began in 1974 as a hand-painting and screen printing sign company producing one-of-a- kind and small quantity of banners, point of purchase card signs, and signage for the retail industry.

In 1980, the company purchased some automated screen printing equipment and moved to a larger facility. With new innovations taking hold in the sign industry, the company gradually evolved to a full service screenprinting company, making the hand painted part of the business a smaller subsidiary.


The company has experienced a stable and steady growth doing work for such companies as CPI, Pepsi-Cola, Frito-Lay, 7up/Dr. Pepper, Anheuser-Busch, Monsanto,   Winchester Ammunition, and hundreds of    other large and small manufacturers and    retailers. With the recent advent of digital output devices, some of our focus has been directed toward digital related printing methods to keep pace with the evolving industry.

Our Missions Statement
At F. Petrovic Co. Inc, we have continued to maintain our reputation as one of the finest custom commercial screen printers in our region, through dedication to quality, service and innovation while maintaining the finest of craftsmen to keep up with the fast pace and high demands of the industry.