image being burned into silk screen
process colors being applied one at a time on a large formate press
more elaborate press that auto feeds signs straight to conveyer built where it is dried

The Screen Printing Process

Screen printing is one of the oldest methods of mass-producing graphics, and as such has a long tradition of technical skill and artistry associated with the process. It is achieved by photographically putting the image to be printed on a frame that is stretched with an open weave polyester fabric.A rubber squeegee forces ink through the open mesh areas of the screen onto the substrate to be printed.

This can be done by hand, semi-automatic presses, or by very complex automated machinery. There are many variables in this printing process. For example - fabric tension on screen frame, fabric weave, hardness of rubber on squeegee, type of stencil material to be used, type of ink to be used, pounds of pressure on squeegee during printing, squeegee angle, viscosity of ink, process of drying ink, and the variables are almost

We are constantly striving to honor this long tradition of printing by maintaining quality craftsmen with strict quality control and strong attention to detail. This insures that you will receive a product that is colorful and clean, a perfect representation of your image.

Printing can be done in just one color on white, multi color, and 4-color process.

  • 50 pt. Card 10-12 pt. Cover Die-cut
  • 24 pt. Card 80-100 lb. Paper Score art
  • 80 pt. Card 10-30 pt. Styrene Cardboard easels
  • Corrugated Cards Tyvek Holes drilled

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