Mountain Dew Truck Decal4up decals drying on rack

Decals & Labels

Decals and Labels are printed on a plastic film that has an adhesive coating on the back or front side. A plastic coated liner is laminated over the adhesive to protect it until the time of application.

Decals are usually made in larger sized from about 6"x6" up to 48" x 120". Labels are usually smaller in size.

Films and adhesives come in many different grades. For example a long term outdoor use such as fleet markings or door decals a quality grade is used. For short term indoor or outdoor use, such as a promotion a less expensive film and adhesive is more than adequate. Decals are usually printed on white or clear films. However, there are colored films available on large quantity jobs. Printing can be done in single color, multi color, and four color process.

Common films used:
Extended life vinyl - gloss finish
Promotional vinyl - satin
Intermediate grade vinyl - gloss
Intermediate grade vinyl - satin
Intermediate grade block out vinyl - gloss
Static cling vinyl - no adhesive
Clear polyester
White polyester engineer grade reflective

Finishing available:
Die-cut shapes
Rounded corners
Back slitting

Paper film on face
Clear coat on face
Clear laminate on face

Common uses:
Fleet marking
Equipment marking
Transit marking
Bumper stickers