Pepsi four color process poster Sesame Street Performance Poster
I' Y2K Ready poster Drive Through menu poster


Posters are usually printed on heavy paper or lightweight plastic stock and can be made in just about any size up to and larger than 48"x96" in a single sheet.

Card signs are usually made of a heavy cardboard. A 22"x28" card sign can slide into a standard size sign holder and support itself, or can be attached to a pole or even have a cardboard easel affixed to the back to stand on its own. They can also just have holes drilled in the top and hung from a string as a dangleer.

Special shapes can also be die-cut to accentuate your graphic design. Cord signs can be score-cut, folded and glued into boxes, and the possibilities are endless.

Printing can be done in just one color on white, multi color, and 4-color process.

50 pt. Card 10-12 pt. Cover Die-cut
24 pt. Card 80-100 lb. Paper Score art
80 pt. Card 10-30 pt. Styrene Cardboard easels
Corrugated Cards Tyvek Holes drilled