Paul Wieland political sign
House for Representative political sign

Signage & Political

Our custom made signs can be designed for various types of uses, from inexpensive promotional or political use to durable long term use.

The industry has been flooded with new materials in the past 10 years and each one has its purpose depending on its use and the customers budget. When choosing a material there are several things to consider. Climate conditions, durability, long term or short term use, costs, and complication level of graphics to be reproduced.

sizes - Most sheeted material are available in a standard 4" x 8" sheet and can be cut down smaller or pieced together in various ways.

Some Materials Available
• Corrugated Plastic - outdoor - inexpensive
• Aluminum - .032 to .080 common
• Foam boards - lightweight - indoors
• MDO PLYWOOD - Durable - outdoors
• Acrylic - Plexiglas
• Expanded PVC - durable - indoor
• Duron - like masonite
• Card stock - 24 point to 100 point think
• Rigid vinyl - thin- durable (plastic sheet)
• Styrene - Inexpensive plastic sheet - indoor
• Magnetic sheeting - usually vehicle workings
• Steel - custom fabricated - painted

Our custom service representative can advise you or your options and provide samples to fit your project.