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Banners & Fabrics

Dollar for dollar, banners are the most economical way to promote your product, event or name, and your message will be in your customers view day in and day out at that won't drain your budget.

Sizes - since they are custom made they can be made to any size, large or small.

Choice of Materials is a major factor in banner printing and manufacturing. Things to consider are the type of look you want, durability, costs, single or double sided, and complication level the graphics to be reproduced.

Most of the banner materials are ordered from he manufacturer on the day your order is placed, so there is an unlimited amount of options of materials to select from. Our customer service representative can advise you of your options and provide samples to fit your project.

Some Materials to Choose From:

• Reinforced VINYL COATED CANVAS - Very durable and comes in weight from 8oz to 18oz in a variety of colors.
• Polyethelene - inexpensive - recommended for indoor or temporary outdoor use. Smooth and high gloss.
• Nylon - 200 Denier/flag-typ0e or vinyl reinforced - many colors to choose from.
• Awning Fabrics - Subrella most used - 100's of others available - many colors and weights for outdoor use.
• Tyvek - Lightweight but strong (looks like paper) - white only.
• Satin - smooth, silky, elegant appearance.
• Vinyl Mesh - open mesh for high wind areas. Limited colors.

Some Finishing Choices
• Simple guillotine cut edges
• Folded hem on perimeter with grommets (can include sown in rope extensions)
• Sleeve hem to accept a pole. Usually done on top and bottom as in light pole banners.
• Binding - Fabric wrap around edge - various colors
• Pole Hem - used on flags to fit over pole. Usually have a tab or closed at one end.
• Weighted hem - sewn in weights on bottom hem for hanging.

Hanging Hardware
• Dowel rods with cords
• Avenue - Light pole Brackets - our brackets feature fiberglass poles which spring rather than bend or break in extreme wind conditions.
• Custom made metal or plastic frames.